"The Future of Energy in Egypt" is a 2-day event that will bring together leaders from the global power sector, influential investors, high-profile Egyptian businessmen & decision makers from the Egyptian government. The forum will provide a platform to discuss the latest developments in the energy industry and how they can benefit the Egyptian electricity market. Moreover, industry leaders will gather to discuss a roadmap that can transform Egypt into one of the top 5 energy exporters in the Middle East by 2030.

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Future Energy Corporation is a global next generation energy company, developing renewable energy infrastructure and advanced energy solutions. The company is headquartered in Egypt with subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean.

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  • Renewables

    1. A number of power auctions around the world have yielded record low PPA prices using renewable technologies, demonstrating that renewables can compete with conventional power and in some cases yield even lower prices. What are the latest developments in the renewable industry and how can they benefit Egypt?
  • Finance

    1. A number of innovative financing structures such as Green Bonds, YieldCos, and High Leverage Structures have garnered a lot of momentum in financing energy projects. How do these structures work and how can they be used to finance Egyptian power infrastructure?
  • Conventional Power

    1. Coal, Gas, and Nuclear Power still represent the majority of the world's power generation, yet their share of newly built assets is rapidly declining. What are the latest developments in these industries and what major benefits can they bring to Egypt?
  • Energy Storage

    1. The number of companies active in the energy storage space has increased dramatically over the last few years. The consequences of economic storage of electricity can be the biggest thing to happen to the power sector since the discovery of electricity. What are the most advanced technologies in this space and how far are we from seeing them in Egypt?
  • Energy Efficiency

    1. It is cheaper and faster to reduce demand by 1GW than increase generation by 1 GW. The Egyptian market is full of opportunities for Energy efficiency as decades of cheap electricity resulted in the build up of very inefficient infrastructure.
  • Policy

    1. Which global energy policies have been most successful in stimulating and attracting investment in this sector? What are the current and upcoming energy policies in Egypt that encourage and enhance investment in the power sector? How different are these from global best practices and how can they be improved?